Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sentimental Quilt

The blue quilt is a collaboration of sorts, in which I have many people contributing fabric. It is going to a little boy who is very sick :( Unfortunately I don't have all the fabric yet, so while waiting, I decided to tackle a quilt I have been wanting to sew for a few months now.

When my little boy was born I received a bunch of tiny flannel receiving blankets, and the all had a similar color palette to them. He is now a whopping 22 lb, 9 month old, and has long since out grown these itsy bitsy blankets.

So, I decided to cut them up into squares, and sew them into a quilt. I went to the Olde World Quilt Shoppe, where they have some of the most beautiful flannels, and picked out a cream polka dot fabric for the sashing, and a plain cream for the backing. I may decided to spice up the backing a bit if I end up with extra squares when the quilt top is done.....

My only hesitation in starting to piece the quilt top is how to order the squares. Do I go random or with a pattern. I can't decide! Help! Leave me a comment on what you think will look better :)

Much appreciated :)

Happy sewing,


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