Sunday, November 7, 2010

Blue Skies

The "Blue Skies" quilt is going to a little three year old boy who is fighting liver cancer. This family definitely needs all of the love and support in the world right now. I hope this quilt will bring some warmth into their lives, knowing how many people out there really care about them. (and hopefully a smile or two with some of the cute and humorous notes written on it!)

The Blue Skies quilt top is done :) I'm please with the end result. After much deliberation, and a little seam ripping, I think we got the different blues distributed evenly.

Here is a pic of my kitchen covered in blue fabric.

Unfortunately we did not take into account the staggering when we laid everything out, so I had to seam rip a few of the rows to make sure there were no matching fabrics lining up right next to each other.

Check out the finished quilt top...

Now that I know the finished size of the quilt top, I have to find some nice backing and binding fabrics. I'm thinking of a striped binding and maybe a polka dot backing? It will really depend on what the fabric store has.

Once I've compiled the rest of the fabric, its basting (ugh) and then quilting (yay!) I'm hoping to get this quilt completed by the end of the week.... Here's hoping :)

Happy Sewing,


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  1. What a beautiful quilt and I am sending prayers to the little 3 year old boy. Your kindness is inspiring.