Friday, December 31, 2010

Brrrrr Beanies!

I have been a bit scatter brained when it comes to projects lately. I think its because I have put Sentimental Me on hold, so I feel like I really can't commit to something new 100%. As a result I have been floating back and forth between projects. Very easily distracted by a fabric sale here, a quick something for my hubby there.

One of the distractions ended up becoming a 2 hour quest to make the perfect beanie. Here is the end result...

The lip of the beanie still has some kinks that need to be worked. I think I may have to stitch it down a bit to prevent it from curling down while being worn. But, for having had not pattern, I'm pretty darn proud of the effort.

Also, I've started on my next quilt. It incorporates all of my favorite colors.

I've decided to do a 100% random pattern for this quilt. I'm excited and nervous since there really is no telling how it is going to turn out... I'll either love it, or be insane from trying to re-work it at the end :) Here's hoping for the former.

Another side effect to schizophrenic sewing is a sewing room that looks like a bomb went off. No more sewing until I can once again see my desk!

Happy sewing (or in my case cleaning!)


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  1. Love the beanies! Those would be cute for kids could sew on flowers for little girls.