Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Scrappy Scottie

A sick baby does not make for much time to sew. Subsequently, a project that should have take a day or two tops, ended up taking the better part of a week!

All over blog land I have been seeing patchwork Scottie pillows. Both Sew Mama Sew and Aunt Spicy featured them recently. They were simply too cute to pass up. So, with my scraps from the Blue Skies quilt, I decided to make one.

Here are the scraps I had to work with. The darker shades of blue were from the blocks, and the white with the spirals was trimmed from the backing.

Here are the squares all cut up. I ended up with squares that were 2" squared simply because that is the approximate width of the scraps I dedicated to this project. In the pic above you can see I have bigger scraps, but I think those are big enough to be quilt worthy...

Here is the strip I cut to sandwich together the two sides of the dog. Also about 2" wide, maybe a bit bigger.

Here is the Scottie all laid out...

And pieced together...

Look closely, isn't there something wrong with the above picture? Why yes, it appears as though there are two of the SAME SIDES! Yes, I made to right sides of the dog, not left side. This is what happens when you sew late at night with little sleep. When I realized this I turned the sewing machine off and went to bed. Way to grumpy to deal with the ensuing seam ripping and re-piecing.

A few days, and some seam ripping, later I was back at it. Here it is all pinned on one side.

And with both sides sewn together, and re turned right side out.

And finally all stuffed and ready for a new home. I haven't decided yet what to do with him, but he sure is cute. Maybe a nice ribbon and some button eyes? Maybe I'll use the rest of the blue scraps to make a matching mini quilt... Or maybe a matching doggie bed for some fortunate pooch :) I'll toss those ideas around while I continue to work on my sentimental quilt...

Happy Sewing!


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