Saturday, December 11, 2010

Blogging bonanza

When I decided to start a blog dedicated to my love of sewing, painting, and all things artsy, I was ridiculed (in the most polite way of course) by my family. Dubbed the "nerd of nerds" since birth, writing a blog about these things did not come as a surprise to my family, but nonetheless they took the opportunity to poke a little fun...

Guess whose having the last laugh now!

So far I have turned 2 of my 4 siblings into bloggers :) and needless to say they are totally hooked/obsessed with blogging, thinking about what they are going to post, designing their page, ect. Everything that I have been obsessing over for the last month or two.

Here are the blogs they have started:

One sister has started a blog all about her photography, it's called Brief Stills (a nod to her being in law school) here is the link :

My other sister has yet to decide what exactly she will be blogging on, but started the blog anyway, its called Ordinary and Spectacular, here is the link to her blog:

This has branched out to friends of theirs as well:

Never be Boring, a blog about some very MacGyver'ish adventures, and the link:

I can't wait to see where they take these blogs!

Now, back to sewing, I'm still putting together the border for the sentimental quilt, that is still unnamed. While doing this I came upon a brain storm about the itsy bitsy scraps of fabric that just cannot be used. I have dedicated one trash in my office these scraps, as well as loose threads. Once the bin is filled, I will use them as the stuffing for a dog bed. This has turned my total fabric trash output to O.

If anyone has fabric scraps they are going to throw away, I would gladly put them to use, saving them from the land fill :)

This is my mini effort to go green and help to make my hobby have a slightly lesser impact on the environment.

Happy sewing & recycling!



  1. That is so funny! I think every few months a family member reads my blog...but not very often!

  2. I've inspired another blogger, his page is He is a very talented gardener, and my hubby's cousin. I'm converting people one blogger at a time!