Friday, January 7, 2011

Inspiration can come from anywhere...

The other day I received a friend invite on Facebook. Little did I know that by clicking "accept" I would be, in a matter of moments, completely awestruck.

Stickypicky Wallets, I am totally blown away by your creativity (not even considering the fact that you are just kiddos!) A little creativity, and you guys have turned the simple "duct tape wallet" into something stylish, super cute, quirky, and very trendy ! I am so inspired by you guys!

It really makes me strive to be a little more creative with the projects I am working on. On a side note, I am totally blown away by the AMAZING duct tape collection you have.

Prepare to be impressed...

Seriously though, I am a little jealous of the duct tape collection (scratch that, REALLY jealous). I think my faves are the Sesame Street characters, though I am wondering, where's Big Bird?

I'm seriously considering ordering one in either the zebra stripe or the black and white floral pattern, I can't make up my mind...

Happy sewing & sticky-ing :)



  1. That is so cool! My cousin used to make those for himself when he was a teenager. I always wanted one...

  2. I know, aren't the duct tape colors awesome! I think they are making them to sell at Hissy Fits. Too cute, I seriously think I'm going to get one.