Tuesday, March 1, 2011

No Slip, No Pinch Headbands

I have ventured out into a new frontier, and tried my hand at making headbands...

There are pretty neat little headbands. Being a girl who has always had long hair, headbands have been a part of my life since, well, birth. And they have always had several key flaws.
  • one-they caused pressure points behind your ears to create monster headaches, forcing the removal of said headband
  • two-if it was a wrap-around head band, it constantly slipped down or back off your head, forcing you to stop whatever you are doing and fix it, many many many times a day.
  • three-if it had a silicone lining to stop the aforementioned slippage, it pulled your hair when you tried to put it on or off and still managed to slip anyway.
Amazingly I have found that all three of these major flaws have been resolved by this headband! Beautiful ribbons on the outside, a nice soft velvet on the inside, these headbands stay put, look great, and are headache free! Woohoo :)

While I can't take credit for the invention my self (Thanks Katie for introducing me to these wonder bands!), I can make sure I spread the wealth for all fellow head band lovers.

Check out my Etsy page for my latest creations, I'm calling them "Seams Sew Sweaty Bands"

Here are a few photos of the different prints I have for sale. Also, if you are local, they can be found at the Poor Little Rich Girl shops, and hopefully more places in the future!

Happy sewing,


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  1. You should make some baby headbands and bows; they would be super cute, and you have some models that would probably be happy to advertise for you :)